Glass Tube Patio Heater

Glass Tube Patio Heater

Check The Latest Price on Amazon!Best Patio Heaters Buying GuideTypes of Patio HeatersFreestanding Patio Heaters– A free standing patio heater is perfect if you want to have heating but not necessarily any tables. They are popular choices in bars and restaurant patio areas. As they are freestanding, they can be set up absolutely anywhere on a patio and they do not need electricity, usually they use fuel. They have a base, a pole, a heat generator and a reflector to distribute the heat. The fuel can often be stored in the base.Wall Mounted Patio Heaters– If you want an outdoor heater that is out of the way and safe, you could choose a wall mounted heater. These are usually electric and use infrared heating methods to keep people warm that are standing nearby. They are mounted high up on the wall and are on brackets so that you can adjust the angle of the heat.Table Top Patio Heaters– As their name suggests, these heaters are ones that simply stand on your table top. If you have a patio table that you and your guests are going to be sitting around, this is a great idea, as you’ll get 360 degree heat form the heater so that everyone is warmed. They tend to have a lower power output than freestanding patio heaters however as they are designed to be closer to the area that they need to warm up.
glass tube patio heater 1

Glass Tube Patio Heater

You will be able to use a patio heater in an enclosed patio area, however, you should choose the right one for an enclosed space. It is very dangerous to use a natural gas or propane patio heater in an enclosed space, so you should avoid these fuel types for your heater. You can purchase electric patio heaters, which would be more suitable for indoor use. Ultimately, however, you should always check before you buy your patio heater to ensure that it will be safe to use indoors. Not many patio heaters are intended for indoor use, but the ones that are will usually have a much lower BTU or power value than the ones that are to be used in open spaces only.
glass tube patio heater 2

Glass Tube Patio Heater

It would not be a good idea to use a patio heater on grass, as the ground is not level. Patio heaters need to be on a flat and solid surface so that they are as safe as possible. If you install your patio heater on grass, it will be more likely to be tipped over. If it’s on grass, the heater may even sense that it is not fully upright and this could activate the anti-tip over safety switch. You should always install your patio heater on a solid and flat surface to ensure that it will perform properly.
glass tube patio heater 3

Glass Tube Patio Heater

If you don’t have any tables or if you would like the freedom of being able to stand and socialize on the patio with a heater nearby, you should consider a freestanding patio heater. These are available in a variety of styles and sizes, so you should think about the area that you need to heat. Some bars and restaurants have several of these freestanding heaters so that a larger patio area may be heated. If you only have a small patio area, you may be ok with a single dome heater. If you have a larger patio, you should look out for heaters with higher heat output settings and triple domes. This will ensure that a larger area can be heated on your patio.
glass tube patio heater 4

Glass Tube Patio Heater

As well as offering different fuel options and portability, patio heaters are available in all kinds of different shapes sizes and power outputs. You could mount the heater to a wall for maximum safety, sit a heater on the top of a table for convenience and comfort or you could choose a freestanding heater when you want to add plenty of heat to an open patio space. Whatever your needs are, you are sure to find the right patio heater for your requirements.
glass tube patio heater 5

Glass Tube Patio Heater

Hiland Commercial Quartz Glass Tube Replacement – 51.5″ Tall Fits the 3-sided commercial tall glass tube patio heater. (Please note, some 3 sided heaters use 4″x 49 1/2″ glass) 51.5″ tall Available in two diameters, please choose from the drop down menu: 3 1/2″ or 4″ Please measure both length and diameter to ensure the correct part is sent. 1348000013 $65.97 products_data.quantity=27;products_data.min_quantity=1; 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Add
glass tube patio heater 6

Glass Tube Patio Heater

This stylish and impressive looking patio heater is both a durable and useful addition to any patio area. With up to a 5-foot radius of heat all around the heater, you can really make the most of this 56,000 BTU patio heater.
glass tube patio heater 7

If you’re looking for a portable patio heater that will not only provide warmth to your outdoor areas, but that offers plenty of advanced features, look no further than the Fire Sense Deluxe Propane Patio Heater. This heater is easy to operate and is completely safe. You can also move it around your patio with ease when you need to
glass tube patio heater 8

If you are going to be using the patio heater in an area where you already have a large patio table, you should think about purchasing a table top patio heater. These are medium sized heaters that sit on your table top. They usually have a medium heat output rating of around 12,000 BTU and will heat a small radius to warm up the area directly around it. The heat is usually given off in a circular direction, so it won’t matter where you position yourself, just so long as you are close enough to the heater.
glass tube patio heater 9

Not only is this is the most attractive outdoor space heater I have seen, it is the most efficient. It is well-made, stainless steel & powder coat for long wear, the base hides the propane tank, and an adjustable flame is safely contained in the glass tube. It provides warmth for the entire length of the tube, and the flame is delightful to behold. The only negative is that the directions for assembly are terrible. They were written by someone for who lacks fluence in English. Also, the steps are listed out of order so that one is obliged, more than once, to go back 2 or 3 steps, before moving forward. Once assembled, though, it is a high quality, well-designed space heater that would satisfy even the highest-end shopper.
glass tube patio heater 10

The latest in design and heat, the Hammered Bronze Quartz Glass Tube Flame Heater brings style to outdoor heating. Its unique, visually mesmerizing flame provides heat in every direction. Watch your friends gather around this beautiful piece of patio art. A safety valve shuts it off automatically if tilted. Attached wheels make moving a snap. One-year manufacturer’s warranty. Add cozy warmth anywhere. Access door design Quartz glass tube 40,000 BTU Wheels for easy mobility
glass tube patio heater 11

Unlike similar patio heaters, this Golden Flame 46,000 BTU *XL-Series* Matte-Mocha Patio Heater has a pilotless burning system. Whilst many other similarly designed heaters have a pilot flame that burns constantly to make operating the heater as fast as possible, this one does not waste fuel. The other great benefit of having a pilotless burning system is that you don’t need to worry about the flame being blown out by the wind. If you need to rely on a pilot light, you can often find that you’re left without a heater when the flame is blown out.
glass tube patio heater 12

To give this heater a stunning and modern appearance, it is finished in a hammered mocha bronze powder coating. This helps to make this heater a centerpiece in your garden instead of simply being a heater. Even when it is off, it will have an ornamental use in your patio.
glass tube patio heater 13

As this heater is powered using propane, you can be sure that you can enjoy complete portability. No matter where you want to place it on your patio, you will have no restrictions as long as you choose a flat and level surface. The pilot light will help you to light the heater with ease and if you want to move the heater around, there are integrated wheels in the base.
glass tube patio heater 14

You will need to ensure that you give a heater of 35,000 to 50,000 BTUs around 30 inches of clearance around the top of the heater as well as the reflector and emitter. You should also keep tings away from the heater if they are flammable. Smaller patio heaters require around 24 inches of clearance.
glass tube patio heater 15

With such a wide variety of patio heaters to choose from, it’s not surprising that looking for the best patio heaters seems like a daunting task. Check out these patio heater reviews to find some of the best models on the market today. If you’re still struggling to make up your mind about which heater you need, you could also refer to our buying guide, where you’ll find all kinds of useful information to help you make the best decision.
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You can find a great variety of patio heaters out there that come in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes. The size of the patio heater often affects the price, however, so if you have a larger budget, you’ll be more likely to afford a larger patio heater.

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